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Running Your WordPress Blog

So you have been thinking about starting a blog.  But you are a little scared at all the technological babble that goes into it.  Relax, unless you are running a website like Facebook, one that requires ridiculously complex coding, blogs are not very difficult.  The most common platform used to create one is WordPress.  It […]

Technology Companies Born in Montana

Montana is home to some amazing people, some amazing places, and some unique technology companies.  Here in Billings we have people doing great things from revamping Montana Avenue, to developing software, to opening small local businesses.  In Bozeman there are even more entrepreneurs branching out to meet technology needs nationwide.  With so many great people […]

Technology Companies in Billings

Billings may seem like a small country town to those who do not live here, but there are actually quite a few companies that specialize in technology.  Everything from computer sales, to IT work, to website design, Billings technology is far from minute.  Here is a working list of those who can help you with […]

Billings Blogs: Who Writes in Billings?

Billings is not well known for its technological advancements the way that places like Silicon Valley are known.  However, that does not mean our city does not host a variety of blogs and bloggers.  There are many people living in the Magic City that share their knowledge, art, and skills with you.  Here are a […]

Near Field Communication

Technology is constantly changing.  While it is generally for the better, it can sometimes feel as though it makes our lives more complicated.  For instance, remember 10 or 15 years ago when you had to remember a total of 3 passwords?  Now my password list goes on to 2 pages; there are security questions, and […]

Cloud Storage

Is cloud storage for you? Are you tired of carrying around USB drives? Bulky external hard drives? Or maybe you just can’t seem to keep track of which files are on what storage device. Luckily, there is a storage solution for you! Cloud storage is a free (to a limit) internet file hosting service. Cloud […]