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Billings TechnologyBillings may seem like a po-dunk hick town to those who do not live here, but there are actually quite a few companies that specialize in technology.  Everything from computer sales, to IT work, to website design, Billings technology is far from minute.  Here is a working list of those who can help you with your technology needs.


Computer Village


Computer Village has long been a mainstay in the Billings technology market.  They are the only Apple specialists in the area (this is not to be confused with an Apple Store which is run by the Apple Corporation).  They sell, service, and repair all makes and models, but if you have a Mac and it is broken, take it to them.  You can find out all about the store at their website


Computers Unlimited


Computers Unlimited is completely separate from Computer Village despite the similarity in their names.  Founded in 1978 CU is one of the oldest tech companies in Billings.  Yet they are still one of the most unknown.  That is because their primary focus is software development, much of it for the medical industry.   Check out to learn more about Computers Unlimited.


DIS Technologies


Small and large businesses need to have their technology up-to-date in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive market.  Unfortunately most people do not have the abilities to do it themselves.  Instead, they hire out to a group like DIS Technologies.  If your business is small or large, and you have IT needs, this is a great company to look into.  For nearly 50 years they have been a pillar of the Billings technology community.  Learn more on


There are a lot of great technology companies in Billings; you just have to find them.  Know of any you want to see on this list?  Leave a comment and they can be added.


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