Top 50 Business Submission Websites

A big part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is submission to major business directories and social media sites. The list assembled below is SkyPoint’s top 50 business submission sites. Take the time to fill out the profiles completely with accurate and up-to-date information.


Top 50 Free Business Submission Websites


1. Google My Business

The king of internet citations is Google. They recently rolled out a new program called Google My Business. From their website: “Google My Business connects you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.” This is the most important profile in this list, so focus on making the content here really rich, and complete the profile as much as possible. Adding as many good reviews from high quality Google user profiles, will really influence the value this citation passes to your domain.


2. Bing Places

If Google is the king, then Bing is the prince. Bing is up and coming and deserving of attention from webmasters and businesses. To get started with a business profile on Bing, click the large Get Started button and select the region for your business. Next search for your business by phone or address, if it is not in the current directory, proceed to enter the information. Take the time to make the business description on Bing different than the description on Google, as this will provide the most value from both of these top level citations.


3. Yahoo! Business Directory

Yahoo! Business Directory is the less important but still relevant citation that should be built out accurately and completely. The landing page for the directory has a lot of options, the Directory Search Tool is a pretty good tool to check what business listings have been completed for your domain. If you are looking for the free directory, the listing is at the left hand side of the bottom of the page. Try Local Basic Listing for free Yahoo! Business Directory - Top 50 Business Submission Websites by SkyPoint Studios


4. Yelp

Yelp is one of the top review sites on the web and can have dramatic impact on websites, especially in the hospitality and travel industries. It’s good to have a thorough profile on Yelp, but it is even more important to get positive reviews from active Yelp members consistently. Additionally, it is a good idea to participate in the Yelp community. Some ways to do this are by reviewing fellow local businesses that you do business with, and reviewing product lines your business uses (the good and the bad of it). Try to do these reviews on a regular basis, the more the better.


5. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a solid business directory that has some of the most detailed business data available in one area. Some of the points of interest is that it will show how many employees and approximately how much revenue a business takes in per year, and other data that can be useful. Part of reconnaissance or investigation of a business target or competitor should include a stop at Merchant Circle. For the part of business directory, just fill in the application as well as possible. Later after the profile has indexed, it is a good idea to come back, log in, and add some content to the profile feed. This can be simply a one sentence chunk to a link on your website.


6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top professional business social media and directory site in the world. Why should your business be on LinkedIn? Because this is a high quality citation that can be built into a powerhouse of link authority and also traffic to your website. In partnership with the business listing on LinkedIn, you should consider building the profiles of each important person in your organization, linking the profiles to the business account.



Yellow Pages (YP) is the brand we are all familiar with from those things that used to be dropped off at the front door in a plastic bag, not sure what they are called as been so long since used one lol.. The YP directory is pretty good for the free listing, just make sure to fill it out completely. They try to up sell a variety of services, but really the free listing is typically what most small businesses will need.


9. Whitepages

White Pages is basically a knock off of yellow pages, but does have a personal directory part as well, I’m sure as a hark back to the phone book days that had white pages for people and yellow pages for businesses. Don’t worry about spending too much time here, just make the profile info accurate and the same as all the other profiles.


10. Super Pages by Dex Media

Dex Super Pages are a good citation to have, similarly to Yellow Pages, because of how old the media company is. This passes good authority for well completed profiles. The age of the profile will play into the authority as well, so if you can only complete so much of this list, finish the 1-10 first.


11. Yellowbook

Yellowbook is another directory listing service that comes from the old book days into the digital world, trying to offer something different, but is just like the others. No need to spend much time here, fill out the profile as complete and accurately as possible. If possible, getting some reviews on this profile will help it to optimize in search results and pass more authority to your domain, which will increase organic search results.


12. CitySearch

CitySearch is a older directory that is supposed to help the visitor locate local places and find businesses in categories. Including your business in this directory is a good idea for the local authority factor. Make sure to complete the contact information in the same detail as the prior profiles. All the data about the business, except for the description, should be exactly the same.


13. Mapquest

Mapquest has merged with Yext. Their combined database is rather large and has weight on the web due to the length of time it has been active. Complete the location information accurately. Note the Featured Message can be used as a call to action text to lure in the consumer to the description text.


14. Open Tag Business Directory

Open Tag is a general business directory with a rather easy registration process. Not much frill here, just add contact information a short description, confirm account through email address and then publish the listing. The 6 month listing option is free, but you can get a lifetime free account if you are willing to give a link back from your site. Interestingly, it doesn’t require a home page link as most directories do, it does have a display:none style on it so that visitors will not see the link. I would not recommend going this route as having hidden links like that on your site can cause negative SEO to occur. The benefit of a free link on Open Tag is not worth having this ghost link anywhere on your website in my opinion. The free version appears to take 3 to 4 weeks to be approved by their review team, but this is totally worth it. Also, notice that they offer a logo upload option.


15. is a great citation due to it’s size and the name of the URL which will pass good authority to your domain. The 3 step registration process is a little lengthy but not too bad. Fill out the profile as complete as possible. Set your business address to display if you don’t mind customers stopping by your location.


16. Foursquare

Foursquare is a tech company that uses location smarts to build consumer experiences and business solutions. It also helps potential customers discover new places with recommendations from the community.


17. ThinkLocal


18. Bright Local

Specializing in CitationBurst, Bright Local is a proprietary local directory submission form that allows businesses submit to many different directories at one time.


19. MojoPages

Mojo Pages, also called Local Stacks, allows you to claim your business and allow clients to find you through an effective business profile


20. SuperPages is the local search online resource for finding information and insights on businesses and retailers. They enable consumers to find local business information from driving directions and hours of operation to Web links and customer reviews.


21. Express Update

Express Update is a free service. It sends business info to search engines, car navigation, and other local directories.


22. Dex

Dex is one of the leading local marketing partners and owns companies like Superpages, DexKnows, and EnlightenMe.



BizJournals is a business directory that helps you to find service providers, suppliers, and vendors to make your business better known and more cost effective.


24. TeleAtlas

TeleAtlas is a map sharing tool.


25. Locu

Locu is a GoDaddy company that is used most by restaurants, home service, personal care services, and professional services.Companies can include items such as menus, a list of services, and photos and choose design templates.


26. Discover our Town

This is a simple search engine with a wide selection of cities and towns across the state, letting consumers search for a variety of services including lodging, dining, shopping, and even real estate.


27. Moz Local

Moz Local makes and maintains business listings on the sites, apps, and directories that appear on most search engines


28. EZ Local

EZlocal can help you with your SEO, local placement on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, as well as placement on local directories, social networks, online maps and mobile. They operate on 100+ directories.


29. twibs

Twibs is a Twitter-based search for businesses who are on Twitter and covers a wide variety of topics.


30. Neustar LocalEze

Neustar LocalEze allows you to search business and even purchase services on their site.


31. Kudzu

Kudzu is an ad service that reaches your specific business prospects.


32. CityVoter

CityVoter is a team running online contests for local businesses in certain cities with a large selection of categories to enter and vote on.


33. Manta

Manta is a source of small business marketing. They offer a free marketing report, and then paid accounts offer SEM services, customization to Google, and more.


34. eLocal

eLocal is a marketing source and search engine for large and small businesses. It searches a large number of categories and offers competitive ad prices.


35. Open Local

Open Local builds profiles in which each business makes a profile that includes core details, keywords, photos, promotions, and other info.


36. is a search engine for the most popular local businesses including restaurants, pharmacies, hobby stores, and other services.


37. Local Site Submit

Local Site Submit offers a selection of tools you can use to improve local visibility on desktop and mobile devices when consumers search for products or services online.


38. InfoUSA

InfoUSA uses sales leads, mailing lists, and other marketing services to help you acquire new clients.


39. Axciom

Acxiom licenses a broad and publically available range of U.S. and Canadian business and residential listings for online search, mobile, and marketing or directory publishing.


40. Infignos

Infignos is a simple and fast way to submit your business to a keyword directory.


41. Single Platform

Single Platform, build especially for local companies, offers services that include updatable listings and  customized menus, product and service lists, photos, announcements, and special offers.


42. Get Fave

Fave is an extensive categorical search of local businesses and services in most any city in the US. Adding your business is quick and easy.


42. My Huckleberry

My Huckleberry is a simple search engine for large and small business in your area according to category.


43. Universal Business Listing

Universal Business Listing  is a sites providing a single entry for the distribution of business profiles. It sends verified data to all major search engines


44. Whitespark

Whitespark, a service of Yahoo, that, for a monthly fee, it will list business information on Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages, Bing, and 50+ other directories.


45. Brownbook

Brownbook is a global business service for businesses that also offers SEO, enhanced social media business profiles, and the free ability to claim your business.


46. Magic Yellow

Magic Yellow lets you, as a business owner, start checking out local businesses, write reviews, and connect with friends.


47. CitySquares

City Squares is a guide to your local business  where you can read reviews and submit your business.


48. Yext

Yext lets companies manage their online presence in search engines, maps, directories, and apps. It also guarantees listings.


49. Map Creator

Map Creator is a new site that lets you add your business to a local map, and even make a map for your website.


50. Judy’s Book 

And finally, Judy’s Book is a local search tool with honest reviews that offers advertising as well as other marketing services.


After about two to three weeks after completing the Top 50 challenge, go and check your Google search results for some key terms for your industry and location.

Search Results Going Up Chart
Notice any improvements?

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