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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Have you ever heard this saying? In Search Engine Optimization or SEO, pictures can be worth a lot as well. We live in a world full of cameras. Every smart phone has a web enable camera that will allow pictures to be directly uploaded onto the web. In some cases a website can be edited directly from a smartphone and updated with pictures from it’s camera.

Point-and-click cameras and DSLR’s are also in abundance, and there is a neat SEO secret that can be done with these tools.

Grab the nearest camera next to you and start to take pictures of whatever your website is related to. Amass a nice collection.

SEO Free Resources Photo Gallery

Next, build out a page for images related to that industry. For example, a real estate agent might build a page titled “Free Real Estate Photos Denver Colorado.” On this page, categorize the images however you feel would make sense for visitors.

In our example, there might be “For Sale Signs”; “Homes”; “Family Homes”; “Contract For Sale”; etc. In these categories, there will be all the images related. Make sure to name each image with a clear, descriptive title that would relate to a search term you would like to have. This part is important. Focusing all the naming on the different search terms desired will offer the best effects.

Fill out the alt and title tags and any descriptions a CMS (Content Management System) may offer for images. Also, add the images in a clickable gallery as well as just laid out on the page, if your programming skills feel up to it, or again if your using a CMS, it may be supported through a plugin or patch.

Image Gallery Link in Footer for SEO

That’s all there is to it. Try and fill out a comprehensive image gallery of free resources for your particular website’s industry and watch the search results increase dramatically. Note that 150-300 images will yield the most noticeable effects. This can also slow your website down on load times, so consider caching options as well.

Pro tip: Put the link to your newly created free image gallery in the footer of your website, where it will gain the most value in terms of search optimization.

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