Near Field Communication

By Emerson Alecrim [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Emerson Alecrim [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Technology is constantly changing.  While it is generally for the better, it can sometimes feel as though it makes our lives more complicated.  For instance, remember 10 or 15 years ago when you had to remember a total of 3 passwords?  Now my password list goes on to 2 pages; there are security questions, and some sites require me to change the password every few months.  But often there is a technological advancement that helps to ease your life substantially.  Near field communication is one of those.You may not know the term, but you have seen the commercials.  You know the ones where people share pictures, videos, and playlists by simply touching their phones together.  This is near field communication.  By utilizing radio waves that only work when the devices are in close proximity (generally only a few inches apart), this technology has to potential to change markets. 

One of the biggest things that will come with near field communication is the way we make payments.  Google Wallet is already helping by allowing you to store all of your credit card information in one place.  And there are many vendors that already have NFC technology built right into their systems.  So rather than pull out a card, swipe, put it back in the wallet, then hurry to sign the slip while people are waiting for you, just touch your phone to the NFC pad.  It’s fast, safe, and even if you lose your phone you can deactivate it remotely (and no waiting for replacement credit cards to come in the mail).


The technology goes beyond buying stuff though.  You have seen electronic boarding passes for airplanes; NFC will make it even easier.  Boarding a train or bus? No more paper ticket needed.  Concerts, theme parks, and anywhere that requires admission will be able to be accessed with a pass of the phone.  Even something as simple as keeping track of church attendance, or making a donation to the offering plate (or more aptly the offering NFC pad), will be even easier.


Near field communication has huge potential, and it is just now getting off the ground.  The biggest hurdle?  Getting people to trust new technology.  With every new advent in technology there is potential to have it abused.  The key is to not be frivolous with your phone.  And remember, if you don’t want someone “swiping” your data, just turn the phone off.


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