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Why Keyword Density is Important

If you have been using the internet for long, you will remember the days of nineties style websites. These sites were mostly text, maybe with some ASCII characters thrown in. They were usually bulky, but they got the point across with their text. If you paid close attention, however, you may have noticed at the […]

5 Creative Ways to Use LinkedIn

When you hear the term “social media,” what comes to mind?  Most likely you think of Facebook, Twitter, perhaps Google+ or maybe even MySpace.  Most people, however, don’t think about LinkedIn.  For some reason this great tool has gone underutilized, especially here in Billings.  But that is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting on […]

A Story of Website Success

We all know of the popular websites.  They are well designed, inspiring, and they draw a lot of visitors.  Too often we think these are all big name companies that dedicate hundreds of man-hours to the website project, and we think that it is something that is totally un-achievable by most people.  Some of that […]

Best Christmas Activities and Scenery in Billings

One of my favorite times of year is Christmas.  No it’s not because of the family gatherings, or the massive amounts of sweet things to eat.  It’s not the snow, and the time off work.  Those are all great things, and I love every one of them.  The reason I love this time of year […]

Starting a Business in Billings

Photo Credits: Montana.govMany people have the dream of being their own boss.  And there is a good reason for that dream.  As your own boss you get to set the hours, you get to call the shots, you determine pay structures, raises, and vacations.  Essentially, you make all the decisions.  And with that comes the […]

How to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Business

photo courtesy of Pinterest.com Pinterest took off in popularity among housewives that were aching to share ideas.  They would “pin” unique ideas, crafts, and other ways to keep their homes neat and tidy… ok, I’m generalizing immensely here, there are many other people who use Pinterest on a regular basis, some of who got in […]

5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Would Work in Billings

By Pruhter Via WikiCommons In 1984 Jay Conrad Levinson wrote a book entitled “Guerrilla Marketing.”  Since then the term has stuck and entered into popular culture.  The idea is that marketing does not have to follow conventional systems (television, radio, billboard, or newspaper ads, etc.).  Instead, using surprise tactics, a person or a company can […]