Best Christmas Activities and Scenery in Billings

Christmas Activities

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One of my favorite times of year is Christmas.  No it’s not because of the family gatherings, or the massive amounts of sweet things to eat.  It’s not the snow, and the time off work.  Those are all great things, and I love every one of them.  The reason I love this time of year is that people break out their most festive decorations, and there are so many places around town that you can go to gawk at lights and just enjoy the revelry.  If you are looking for a few more Christmas activities and scenery in Billings, here is the short list.


Christmas Lights


Obviously one of the best things about the season is that people string their houses with Christmas lights.  There are some that are really well done, and there are others that are not.  But you don’t have to drive far to see some amazing displays.  There are a few that you really should make an effort to check out around town.

Candy Cane Lane: located on the west end between Rehberg Ln. and 32nd Street West, Candy Cane Lane has been a staple in the light department for many years.  The neighbors on Avenue E all decorate in a similar candy cane theme.

Josephine Crossing: the McCall development near the Riverfront Park not only seeks to provide more of a community living area, they also seek to provide a cohesive theme for their light decorations.  Upon entering the subdivision you will notice that many of the residents have taken up a How the Grinch Stole Christmas motif.

4516 Stone Street: this is one that I have just learned of this year.  Off Calhoun Lane, this one house on Stone Street decided to go all out.  In fact, they are a heavy contender in the most decorated house in Billings contest for this year.

Timed to Music: I have always loved the displays where you can sit and watch the lights flash to various Christmas songs.  There are a few around Billings including Fuller Family Medicine just west of Shiloh Rd on Avenue B, the Kelly’s House at 943 Kale Dr., and a house directly across from the parking lot at Alkali Creek School that lets you get off the road and enjoy the show.

Zoolights: here is one that I have never been too, but I hear about it every year.  Zoo Montana puts up lights and has a show for everyone to enjoy.  It does cost money to go see, but you can pile a bunch of people into a vehicle and make an evening of it.


Parades and Strolls


The Christmas Parade and the Christmas Stroll have passed already this year.  But I always like to get out and enjoy them.  The stroll is combined with the December Artwalk (first Friday of every month) and is always a good time out in the cold (except this year when it was well below zero).  The parade is the day after Thanksgiving and over the years has gotten much better.  Mark your calendars next year to make sure to enjoy both of these Christmas activities.


Moss Mansion


Each year the Moss Mansion decorates for various holidays.  And I feel their Christmas decorations are the best.  They have white lights lining the historic building that make it pop after sunset, and the interior is decorated with 17 gorgeous Christmas trees.  There is a cost to view, but the proceeds go to charity.


New Year’s Eve Party


Something new this year is a Times Square style New Year’s party that will be thrown at the Skypoint downtown.  The intersection will be closed to traffic.  There will be food and drinks, and an overall festive nature.  At midnight the ball will drop and confetti will rain down on the attendees.  It is being touted as the best party in Billings, so head on down.  The cost is $5 per person, and there are some door prizes available.


There are so many Christmas activities to do and see in Billings that it would take pages and pages to list them all.  These are just a few of the top picks, but I am sure there are many more.  If you want to make the most of the season, and have some fun in the snow, pick a couple of these activities and enjoy our city.


Is there something I missed?  What do you love to do and see in Billings around Christmas?

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