Do Montanans Use Twitter?

Twitter in Montana

Have you been tasked with assembling your companies social media profile and pondered whether to include Twitter? Your not alone. Most small business owners in Montana are just starting to get the hang of Facebook, and really don’t understand Twitter or feel like they have time for it. That is understandable, as the traffic on Twitter from Montana is still relatively low compared to other states(California, Texas, Colorado).

This may make you wonder whether it is really worth the time to have a presence on Twitter. That decision really should come down to how much time all together you have to dedicate to social media. If you are on a limited time budget, it may be most efficient to create a profile only. Updating tweets although beneficial for marketing and search properties, can be time consuming. Having a profile, however only takes 15-30 minutes to establish, and will bring a lifetime of value in search.

Of course if you have the time, it is recommended to update this Twitter account regularly and check for correspondence from other Twitter users. You might wonder what it is that you should go about “tweeting?” That is a great question, and truly content moderation is an art form. But to get started, focus on information related to your business industry that is making headlines and considered news worthy. A good test would be, if I was reading an industry journal would this story make the front page as a headline? If so, then it is probably good content to share on the Twitter page.

Sharing is made easier with tools like which shorten links to free up more space for words and also track the amount of clicks on each link. You can even dive in for more information about how engaged your audience is (very helpful for the aspiring web content creator). Get a free account here.

Now that the page is up and running, it is time to find and be found! Location is going to be important, so make sure that the location on the page is set to the closest town or city. If your in Montana, it can seem like there isn’t any other businesses in your area on Twitter. Try checking this list of 10 Ways to Find People on Twitter by Mashable for great tools that will help to connect with Twitter users in your area.

Is it all worth it? Yes! Think of Twitter (and the rest of the social media network/web) as a virtual land grab similar to that of the homestead days. There may not be much value now, but some day these digital sounding posts could be the key to upswings in market reach and improvements on revenue quarter over quarter.

One more analogy about Twitter:

Twitter is like the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play!

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Jophiel Silvestrone

Written by: Jophiel Silvestrone

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