The Power of Keyword Links

There are many things that can be done to improve the search engine optimization of a website, but none of them are as powerful as keyword links from other reputable websites to the website to be optimized. The power is even greater when the keyword links are exactly what the website to be improved wants to be found in search results for.

To do this, reach out and create as many partnerships as possible with other website owners and managers. If you can find websites that are in related industries to get links on those websites, then bonus points because these links are even more valuable then any random website link.

How many links is optimal? Well, obviously the more the better, but a good rule of thumb is small businesses need to have at least 25 back links on local websites, multi-location/ state organizations need to have 100+ keyword links and products and large corporations can have thousands of links in some good campaigns.

But aren’t links dead? No, links will never be dead. What has died off is link farming. Buying 500 links on some questionably ethical web marketplace is not the way to the top of search anymore. Now it requires building genuine relationships with websites and creating unique links on each site that offer benefit to the user and the website they link to. Metadata and code structure can be applied in a new HTML5 technique that tell the search engine spiders even more about the link and the website the link is forwarding too.

No. 1 In Search Results because of Keyword Links

If you would like help with this process, SkyPoint Studios offers a link roll-out program on 30+ quality websites with whatever link keywords you would like for search result improvements. The program is competitively priced and can skyrocket sales in a short 1-2 month period. An example of the list of sites your site can be listed on are available on request. Click here to fill out the contact form and request SEO Link Program info.

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