Seizing Your Opportunity

This blog post is about seizing your opportunity. I was recently flabbergasted by the possibility that I could attain and reach one of the most popular authors in a particular space that I have been following for a long time.

I was inspired to reach out and send a friend request on Facebook and to my surprise he accepted my request. Now this was cool and all and we’ve been friends for a while and I’ve been liking a lot of his posts.

But recently I decided to take it a step further and reach out and offer my services to help spread the message that I believe in so much that he teaches. And to my surprise, this evening he responded and said yes that would be wonderful.

I was elated and on cloud nine to be able to serve someone I respect and look up to so much and for them to get benefit out of me. It is truly humbling to realize that this World is small enough where we can actually reach out to our heroes and have a connection.

So, I’m writing this blog post as possible inspiration to you the reader to aim for the stars. Have somebody that you really look up to? It could be an author, movie star, sports athlete, spirtual teacher or any other type of leader that you think is out of reach, and see what can happen.

You never know, with social media these days it is possible for us to connect with and work with people we never thought we could ever reach.

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent this masters teachings that I hold so dear and have meant so much to my life. I look forward to making a beautiful website product that can help bring the teachings to even more people.

So whatever goal you have or whomever you think really inspires you, I encourage you to reach out and send them that message of how you’re feeling. You may never hear anything back; then again, you may just get a response, and that is the fun and the joy of using social media to its full potential.

So I wanted to share that opportunity that I received today with you my audience and give you a potential push to reach out to your heroes and heroines, the people that inspire you and see where it leads!