New Website Tech: HTTP2

A new technology has come out for websites that allows them to run much faster. It’s called HTTP2 and it is the second generation of the original HTTP1 protocol.

Originally, all traffic on the web was sent through HTTP1, one file item at a time. Of course back when we were using dial-up, all the other equipment can only handle one item at a time, so this really didn’t matter.

But nowadays with high-speed internet connections, equipment can handle multiple file transactions at one time. So the old http, is the slowdown point in the transaction and what can cause slower connection speeds on websites.

In order to speed up your website, switching to this new protocol can dramatically improve download and upload speeds. A faster website is always better because it creates a better user experience for the visitor and therefore Google will reward your website with higher SEO rankings.

So how do you get HTTP2? That is simply a matter of upgrading the server that your website lives on. You’ll have to move your website or start with a fresh new site that is on a server that allows this multi-file transfer connection. Here at SkyPoint Studios, we recently have invested in getting servers that allow this connection.

If you want to upgrade your website, we can simply move your hosting from your current plan to the new upgraded connection plan. This will allow much faster connection speeds and will increase the overall enjoyability of your website and also will give you a nice boost ranking in search engines.

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