Unique Ways Businesses in Billings are Using Social Media

 Businesses in Billings are Using Social Media

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Many businesses in Billings are using social media to their advantage.  And they should be; social media has drawn in huge crowds of people, and nearly everyone has some sort of association with sites like Facebook.  There are a few businesses, however, that are using social media more effectively than others.  There are some common characteristics of those who are using it properly.




Any business in Billings should have a Facebook page.  They are easy to set up, easy to manage, and they are a quick way to share information.  When setting up the page, it should be 100% public, that way even those who do not have an account (or if they happen to not be logged in) can still see relevant information, such as phone number and address.   For instance, take a look at the Steepworld Facebook page.  Even without being logged in you can see all of their information, as well as the majority of their posts and photos.  If nothing else, a Facebook page can be like a Yellow Pages listing for your business.


If you have a business and you have not yet set up a business Twitter page, you are missing out.  This important piece of social media can help set you apart from the rest of the industry.  Once your page is up and running, it only takes a few minutes per day to tweet relevant and insightful comments.  Check out the Montana Brewing Company Twitter page for someone that is doing it almost correctly (more tweets would make their page more valuable).




LinedIn is perhaps the most under-utilized social media in Billings.  If you head to big cities, just about every professional is on LinkedIn.  And why not?  It is a fantastic networking tool.  You can find information about the business background of just about anyone with a couple of clicks.  I personally know many people who use LinkedIn to help with their sales business in this way.  Before a meeting with a prospective client, they go to the client’s LinkedIn page.  Viewing the connections, they will make a list of all the people with “2nd” after their name (if the list is long, they shorten it to 10 or 15 people).  At the end of the meeting with the client, they show them the list and ask, “What can you tell me about these people?”  Instantly they have a dozen or more leads on whom they can call to set up future meetings.




Social media is a great way to advertise free of charge.  But if you just flood your page with ads and marketing promotions, you’re gonna have a bad time.  You need people to come back for more because you have so much valuable content.  While at the same time, you need to draw in new customers.  Billings Hardware is doing it right with their free tool (or other product) giveaway every month to one of the fans of their page.  They have teamed up with KULR8 to help promote the giveaway, and subsequently have gained a lot of followers on their page.

Social media is a huge tool for any business owner.  And there are hundreds of ways to leverage it so that it works in your favor.  If you take the time you can find how-to’s and guides online.  Or you can hire someone like SkyPoint Studios to help you maximize your online presence (406-208-8733).

Billings businesses are using social media, but it could be more widespread.  If you are a business owner, take the time to learn more about how it can be used to further your business.

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