Basics of a Great Online Presence?

Could just having a website be enough of an online presence for your company?

The goal of your business is, no doubt to connect to your clients.  So, whether you are well-established or just starting out, you want word of your business to reach as many people as possible.  This will mean having a strong presence on the web.  Sounds complicated, right?  Not to fear!  There are a wide-variety of tools at your disposal.  Let’s explore some of them:

Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is key to visitors locating your site. Using keywords with that name of your business in mind is a good start. Targeting your local audience by including the city you operate in is makes it easy for customers to remember you. (ie.

In addition, keeping your domain name short and simple helps to avoid confusing potential visitors to your site. Check out GoDaddy’s list of tips for choosing a great domain name!


In this age of the Internet, all business owners know the importance of having a functional and boss website. Including ways to do business with your customers online, (ie. an online store, an appointment-maker) can improve your numbers, and your customers will love the convenience of your service. Check out other posts on our blog to find more tips on building a great site!


Ensuring that your site is connected to a wide variety of social-networks is another key to a strong online presence.  Customers can then find your business from several places including Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Twitter, etc. These social sites are great for drumming up business because it provides one more outlet for advertising and communication with your community.

Are you ready to begin enjoying the benefits of your strong online presence?

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