How To Change WordPress Background

Ever wanted to change the background on a WordPress website but didn’t know how to do it? No worry, this quick guide will get the background changed:

First, find an image that would work well as a background. This image should not be too busy, but not too boring. There should be interest in the image, and it should have some relevance to the website. Make sure the image is large enough, at least 1200 pixels wide by 1800 pixels tall. You will most likely want .jpg as the image file extension as this is the fastest loading image extension; .png is also an option but can take longer to load.

Next, upload the image in the back-end of WordPress by clicking on the button labeled “Media” on the left hand menu bar. It looks like this:

WordPress Backend Media Button for  Uploading Background Image

Choose the “Add new” button in the top corner. Find the image on your computer and upload it into the site. Grab the extension for the image by clicking on edit and highlighting the entire domain extension for the image and hitting CTRL + C to copy it to the clipboard.

Now go to the “Editor” at the bottom of the list under the tab “Appearance” on the main menu. This will load the stylesheet first. Background image can be added through the editor under appearance WordPress

Inside the stylesheet, locate the HTML selector, it will look like this: html {

Add the following code to the html selector after the curly brace {

html {
background:url(http://nameofyourimage.jpg) ;

Make sure to replace the part “http:// nameofyourimage .jpg” with the actual link to the image that we added to our clipboard earlier.

That’s it! Refresh your website and inspect how well the background fits. Make any adjustments in a photo editor and re-upload if it doesn’t fit properly.

Fancy Swirl Pattern Grey White PNG

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