Jesus on the Cross Easter Facebook Cover

Easter Facebook Covers

Easter is just around the corner and you may want to celebrate by changing your Facebook cover to one of these Easter Facebook covers.

They are fun to put up for the season and sized properly to fit your Facebook page or profile. You can grab one of these to put up on your page by right clicking on the cover and clicking the “save as” option. Put the cover in a location that it will be easy to retrieve it from.

Once you have the cover in a easy to grab place (Pictures, or Desktop), then head over to Facebook and click on Change Cover on your profile or page.

10 Easter Facebook Covers:

  1. Blue Linen White Basket

    Blue Linen White Basket Easter Facebook Cover

  2. Tulips and Tulips and Tulips

    Tulips and Tulips and Tulips Easter Facebook Cover

  3. Cross with Light Shining

    Cross with Light Shining Easter Facebook Cover

  4. Jesus on the Cross

    Jesus on the Cross Easter Facebook Cover

  5. Easter Facebook Cover Tulips

    Easter Facebook Cover Tulips

  6. Sunday Dinner Easter Facebook Cover

    Sunday Dinner Easter Facebook Covers

  7. Bright Yellow Tulip Easter Facebook Cover

    Bright Yellow Tulip Easter Facebook Covers

  8. Eggs and Chick in Grass

    Eggs and Chick in Grass Easter Facebook Covers

  9. Cute Grey Bunny in Hay

    Cute Grey Bunny in Hay Easter Facebook Covers

  10. Easter Decorations Facebook Cover

    Easter Decorations Facebook Cover

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