Never Forget Passwords Again

Elephants never forget passwords!

Passwords are an inevitable part of the technological world we live in today. Problem is, many people forget their passwords, oftentimes because they are not memorable.

Numbers, symbols, and odd phrases, so many different structures are used to form passwords. Usually passwords are formed rather randomly or without much thought as to what it is that will be written over and over again.

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A great way to make passwords memorable is to use an uplifting mantra. For example, “Iamthenewmanageratwork” “Irecievedaraise”; “breakingsalesgoals”; “Ilostsomuchweight”; “Iamsohappywithmylife”; “Iambeautiful” are all good choices for positive passwords.

There needs to be a little more security than just this positive phrase, so it is wise to put in a number of relevance. This could be the year you wish to achieve the positive affirmation, or the amount of money per hour you would like to be making. The point is to tie it into the positive affirmation in a way that makes sense to you.

Now you have a password that represents your wishes, desires and goals. Not only will it be very hard for you to forget this password, it also projects positive energy towards your goals every time it is used to log into a website or secure area.

Now if we can only find that remote….

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