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Blue Ford Pick-up SEO Image Title Strategy Billings

One of the most commonly overlooked pieces to a successful search engine optimization campaign is having the proper SEO image title strategy. Often times images are uploaded to a website without a second thought given to what the title of the image is. Before images are even uploaded to a website, they should be properly named.

This requires clicking on the image (find it in the file it resides in) and then typing out the new title when the text highlights in blue. SEO image title strategy comes into play when putting this title in. Think about what it is you are describing in the image and add that in. Next, you want to add keywords for your particular industry. If you are a insurance agency, for example, you might want to say “Blue Ford Pick-up Car/Truck Insurance Dallas, TX.” Notice how the first part of the title describes the image, where the last part puts keywords in for industry and location.

This will help with search results in popular search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Learn more about image titles on Google’s Webmaster Tools Image Publishing Guidelines.

Try not to over use too many of the same keywords in multiple photos. A good rule of thumb is 5-10 keywords per page where the images will appear. Proper names like the name of your business or name of your product are OK to repeat over and over as they are your assets. The recommendation to not overuse keywords refers to industry and location.

Experiment with image titles to see what pulls up in Google search. Note that it can take 2-3 weeks for the images to get indexed in Google image search.

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