SEO Trick

SEO Trick is a fun title, but this is more of a technique than a trick. First of all, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the improvement of a website in quality of content and user experience in order to catch the appeal of Google’s search engine bots that will in return place the website near the top of the search results.

So what’s the SEO trick? It’s super simple! All of us carry around a cell phone and have time on our hands on occassion throughout our busy days. All it takes to improve SEO is to take a few pictures of the town in which the business resides and add them to the website. Name the photos according to the placemarkers, location and city location. These will help Google identify the images and serve them up in search results when someone searches for the city. As they browse they photos, they will see the website URL listed on the image and may even visit the website. All of this attention from web visitors helps to increase the search results for a business website and is one neat SEO trick.

Taking this into account, use that phone’s camera! Grab some pics of interesting assets your city or neighborhood has and get them online. Should the images be put on social media? Not really, that gives those platforms all the value of the images. That’s ok for some images, but the goal here is to achieve SEO gains for OUR website not Facebook.

Wondering how to get the images off of the phone and on the web easily? One quick hack is to email them to your own email, 3-5 at a time. That’s about all the images you’ll want to put up online at any time, as it takes time to write the descriptions and upload them into the website. So give this SEO trick a try and pull up some extra search love from Google bots!