How to Write a WordPress Blog Post

What's your storyWriting a blog on WordPress? Then you might benefit from this guide to writing blog posts. It covers the process of creativity, writing, structure and design.

Blogging is a powerful medium when done right. It conveys messages quickly and offers interactivity to the reader. Writing engaging blog posts can certainly not be as enjoyable as reading them. But, that depends.

When writing blog posts, it can help to separate the different steps and execute them in the right sequence. Follow this same operation each time you post a blog entry, and you will be on your way to blogging rock stardom.

  1. Brainstorm a Concept
    Get out a piece of scratch paper and write down ways your knowledge could be transferred through an article to a reader and they actually receive benefit. For example, if you are a dog groomer, you might write on your piece of scratch paper: “How to keep your dog’s coat clean” “15 Popular Breed Care Tips” or “An Important Question to Ask Your Dog Groomer” as ideas for blog posts.
  2. Start Writing
    Get the intro in rough draft form, continuing without any break into the middle and finally the finish. Go straight through the whole article if at all possible.
  3. Add Images
    Next go through the article and decide where and what images would compliment the article. Go find the images for the article and format them to fit the spaces. Upload into WordPress and insert into the page. Play with the formatting until the images and text look nice.
  4. Spruce Up & Release
    Finally, go through the text fixing errors and adding insight where necessary. Use this time to pick out phrases that can be linked to other websites and phrases that can be linked to other pages in your website.
  5. Now check out the site live and make sure everything looks good. Don’t forget to post the article on social media after spending so much time on it!

    How do you go about writing a blog post? Is it easy or challenging?

Jophiel Silvestrone

Written by: Jophiel Silvestrone

Jophiel Silvestrone has written 163 posts in the Tech Blog.

Jophiel grew up on a ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana near Chico Hot Springs. Working on the ranch instilled work ethic and self motivation. Filled with this drive, Jophiel started mowing the local school's yards twice a month throughout the summers, at the age of 12. He moved to Billings in 2004, where he has been deeply involved in the local business community ever since. A serial entrepreneur, Jophiel has ran multiple businesses in our local community. He now runs a web development company SkyPoint Studios. One of his favorite jobs though, is fathering his 11-year old son Jaoquin. "JJ" also loves technology.

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