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Number One In SearchHow cool would it to be #1 in search for your industry? Not only cool, but profitable search results have become the equivalent of the paper phone books of old. A well placed index at the top of a frequently searched term can bring in thousands of extra dollars in revenue each year.It is easy to see the benefits of being number one in search, but not necessarily easy to achieve these results with a standard website. That’s why we have arranged a list of secrets that will take ordinarily standard websites and cranks them into SEO powerhouses. Follow these tips for search success:

  1. Figure out what your good at and talk about that. Run a hair salon, talk about techniques and tricks to help with bed head, braids or balding. Have a work out training facility? Blog about the pairing of exercise routines and diet for optimal effects. The idea here is to regularly add content to your website that highlights why you are a leader in your industry.
  2. Have compelling photos in abundance. Well named images will show up in search results and send traffic to the website. The more traffic the higher the search ranking will be, therefore more quality images will translate into higher search rankings.
  3. Create activities to do on your website. This may be top 10 lists of things to do related to your industry or calculators that help estimate a job or studies on a product. Try to create the best possible resource and test and measure how well your visitors enjoy using it. Offering value to a website visitor is one of the best ways to make sure they stick around and come back and visit from time to time.

Number One In Search Get to the top of the search engine

Hope these tips have given some ideas on what to do to make a site number on in search.

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