The Importance of Time in Web Design

The Importance of Time in Web Design Banner

Time is a key factor in web design, not just from the standpoint of how long it takes to build a website. Many articles debate the amounts of time required to build a website, this article is not about that. What is so important about time and web design is how often changes are made on the website.

The search engine spiders use time as a huge consideration on to judge where to send their traffic. Sites that were updated yesterday versus three months ago get priority.

You may be wondering what constitutes a change to a website worthy of the search engines taking notice?

Time to Save Click the Button   This is a good question, and worth some investigation. A good rule of thumb is any change is a good change. Even swapping out a sentence or piece of code can initiate another sweep and index of the entire site by some engines.

There are ways to use this to advantage, especially if there is not a huge priority on a particular piece of the site, for example a resource guide. A possible way to do this would be after completion of the page, roll out 10% of the project every day until it is completed.

This development strategy is not designed for any other purpose than SEO, so practicality may become an inhibitor. Play around with it and find out what the best strategy is for your content. The basic idea is, if you have 15 articles ready to be uploaded on the web, don’t put them all up in one day, rather stagger them out and gain the most benefit in search results.

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