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SEO Menu by SkyPoint Studios Web Design Billings MT

Website menus are one of the most commonly overlooked ways to create SEO advantages for a website. Many, many websites follow a similar naming structure for their menus, and it goes something like this:


This may seem like a logical way to break down the navigation of any basic website. What is missing in this scenario is any benefit of keywords in one of the highest valued areas of the entire site. A SEO menu holds a high search ranking value as it is at the top of every single page and represents navigation to assets of the site. Instead of going with generic names for the site’s pages, try going with semantic SEO friendly tiles such as:


This SEO menu is much more effective as it focuses on the keywords of a home furnishing and remodeling store. SkyPoint did a re-design of a local home furnishing company, Kitchens Plus, Inc.

Check out Kitchens Plus, Inc. website that showcases this type of SEO menu:

Kitchens Plus, Inc. Billings MT

Here are some of the search results they are now enjoying:

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