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Want to have your website link covering the largest real estate on the Google search page? Then consider rich snippets. Rich snippets are ways of tagging blocks of information so that search engines can classify and ultimately find the information faster. For example, an article would be tagged with the “article” property, a name tagged with the “name” property, and so on.

This information can be added to every part of your website through code. This may be great for some, but most will probably want to take advantage of the free WordPress plugin that adds rich snippet capability to posts & pages.

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All In One Rich Snippets

The plugin is called Rich Snippets, and can be downloaded by clicking the prior link or downloaded in the plugin market by searching “rich snippets” (make sure to download the highest rated plugin, there is only one good rich snippet plugin but others will try to squat on it).

Install the plugin and navigate over to a post. Inside the post at the bottom left hand corner, you will notice the Rich Snippets plugin panel. It offers a drop down menu of options for what the post is about. Choose the most relevant option and fill out the information as much as possible.

That’s all there is too it. Now you can kick back and enjoy rich snippet search results!

Want to learn the way to code rich snippets by hand straight from Google? Check out Google’s guide to microdata implementation which leads to rich snippets in search.

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