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How to Write a WordPress Blog Post

Writing a blog on WordPress? Then you might benefit from this guide to writing blog posts. It covers the process of creativity, writing, structure and design. Blogging is a powerful medium when done right. It conveys messages quickly and offers interactivity to the reader. Writing engaging blog posts can certainly not be as enjoyable as […]

Never Forget Passwords Again

Passwords are an inevitable part of the technological world we live in today. Problem is, many people forget their passwords, oftentimes because they are not memorable. Numbers, symbols, and odd phrases, so many different structures are used to form passwords. Usually passwords are formed rather randomly or without much thought as to what it is […]

The Mythical Man-Month of IBM’s OS/360 Software

The Mythical Man-Month is a concept developed by Fred Brooks while he was tasked with guiding a team of programmers to develop a new operating system dubbed the “360.” Fred realized that adding more programmers because the project had fallen behind and was late, did not actually help get it done sooner, and actually caused […]