Google Celebrates National Small Business Week

Google sent out a cool package today to celebrate National Small Business Week. Inside the package was some marketing materials based on your Google Business local page.

It’s pretty neat package because it takes some of the reviews from your business’s Google Local Page profile and a couple other marketing materials and offers them in print version as well as in digital version that can be used on social media profiles.

This is Google’s way of celebrating Small Business Week and is a really nice guesture to see. I haven’t really seen anything like this from Google before, so you definitely want to take advantage of this while you can.

Here’s a link to the kit that Google is offering and you can choose to either have it mailed to you or to download it or both!

With the social media kit that can be downloaded, it gives you shareable content for your Instagram or for your Facebook page. The printed out version can be hung up on the wall or sent out as postcards.

I think they look pretty neat and is definitely a cool swag item that you don’t usually see from Google. Get yours while they last!