Free Online Real Estate

Did you know that there is free real estate to be had online? I’m talking about business listings that you can claim for free!

There are many different profiles online that are just waiting for you to claim them. To claim them, simply fill out your business information on each profile site. Each one of these profiles adds benefit and value to your website and your online presence.

They come with a free backlink and this backlink has SEO value to search engines like Google and Bing. It’s important to pay attention to these profiles and to fill them out as completely and accurately as possible.

Now this means having the correct N.A.P. or Name, Address and Phone Number. If you don’t have an address, you won’t be able to fill out these profiles. It’s important to have an address for your business displayed online. Without an address displayed online, your business will not be as competitive as other businesses who have an address.

So gather up all of the information for your business you have like logo, business description, address, hours of operation, website link, phone number and head out and fill out all the profiles you possibly can.

To give you a hand in this, I’ve assembled the top 50 business profile sites that you can fill out for free.

This could be a pretty daunting list to complete, so I recommend doing 2 to 3 per week if you can handle it. Once you’ve completed this list and you have a bunch of real estate online claimed, go back and check your search engine results and see how well they’ve improved.