Wix Woes

It seems like you can’t go anywhere online these days without running into a Wix commercial. Have you ever wondered about how well this might work for your small business website?

Well the design part might look pretty nice, it gives you a drag-and-drop menu and many pre-designed themes that are easy to use, so it seems pretty good actually.

What they don’t mention is the dark side of using wix, and that’s the fact that you’ll never rank properly for your industry with a Wix site.

That’s because in order to serve up the ability to drag-and-drop like they have, all the Wix websites are considered one website. Let me explain what I mean by this.

Using a database to deliver content in block format like they do requires one central database, and so to Google spiders they see it as one site and cannot index it like other websites.

Why is this a problem? Well what’s the point of your website? If it’s to get business and to have people who don’t know about your business contact then this is a big problem.

A Wix website will never rank competitively in your local area for the keywords that you would want to rank for. So you’re left wondering why nobody finds your website online except for people who already know about it.

When you go to Google and put in the keywords that should pull up your business website, it never shows up except for deep, deep down on maybe the 4th or 5th or 6 page or maybe never at all.

So really Wix websites are just eye-candy and not very functional. This may be fine and dandy for some websites, but for competitive websites that want to pull in new leads on the regular, this simply will not cut it.

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