Updating a website is important to search engine optimization or SEO

How Often To Update A Website

How often to update your website

How often should a website be updated for optimal search recognition from Google and Bing? That is a great question to be asking, because it spurrs the ideas of content creation. As a general rule, the more often the site is updated the better it will do in search. The value of the content is also an important factor.


So, how often to update? Every week is recommended, but if it is challenging to stay consistent, once or twice a month will suffice. Of course if you are really disciplined, the best option would be to do the 365 day blogger challenge.

Check out the free book 365 Days of Writing Prompts. Writing every day for a year is a sure-fire way to make it to the top of all the search engines.

No matter what content update schedule you choose, try to get a schedule established. This will create consistency and cut down on the amount of bounces away from your site, which can happen when the content is out-of-date.
Updating a website is important to search engine optimization or SEO

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