Website maintenance is a necessity in the online business World. Many websites are running WordPress, which is database driven and has a rather large “engine” that makes everything work. This engine requires regular website maintenance to make sure it keeps going day in and day out without quitting.

WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms out today. It’s popular because of how robust the platform is and how many themes and plugins are available that allow the platform to morph into any type of particular website possible.

Owning a WordPress website is very similar to owning a vehicle in that it requires maintenance regularly to run properly. If you’re not maintaining your WordPress website, there’s a high probability that the site will get hacked and start to malfunction.

The maintenance required involves updating plugins to the latest code patch so that back doors and bugs can be eliminated. Hackers like to look for WordPress sites that are outdated and haven’t been patched and crack into the back end of the site and embed malware. This malware will cause issues to visitors or send out spam email, eventually crashing the website so it no longer works at all. A worst case scenario is the infestation is ignored for long enough to cause Google to ban the site in Google Search. This is when the site owner has a really big problem on their hands.

Cleaning up these issues can take a lot of resources. The database has to be checked for malware and the malware removed and this can be a painstaking task.

SkyPoint’s website hosting comes with complimentary updating, which most hosting companies don’t offer. Our complimentary updating means that at least once a month we are inside the back end of your website updating the software and making sure everything is running properly.

If something is broken or running out-of-sync we fix it and make sure the site is running smooth throughout the year. This gives our clients great peace-of-mind and we have never had any compromises or hacks with any of our websites.

We’ve helped plenty of people who have been hacked get their websites clean but they were not hosting with us. So if you’re looking for a reliable host that does the backend work for you, like similar to owning a car with a warranty, then check out our website hosting packages. You can learn more by filling out our contact form or calling 406-208-8733