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WordPress has a fantastic commenting system, and is one of the reasons it is the most popular blogging platforms in the World. WordPress command 48% market share of the top 100 blogs worldwide. This commenting feature is great on posts as guests can interact with the content and other guests. However, on WordPress pages, comments can look out of place and give the wrong impression that the website is a blog and not a business site.

There are plugin options that can handle this issue, but those are not always reliable. Today, I’m going to show you how to remove comments form page in WordPress using the code editor. I know this might sound scary to some, but trust me that it is rather easy once you know what to look for.

Appearance Button WordPress Remove Comments from PageFirst, we are going to open the code editor of your WordPress website. To be able to access the code editor area, you must have Admin access to the site and be running the site on a domain/hosting scenario (not the free sites).

Hover over the option on the main menu titled “Appearance” and look for the option “Editor” and click on it (if you don’t see that option, it most likely means you do not have Admin access to the site). Then look through all the site files on the right hand side and click on the page labeled “Page Template” (page.php).

Page Template page.php WordPress Remove Comments from Pages

This is the PHP page that controls all the pages on your WordPress website. We only need to remove the PHP script that calls the comments. That piece almost always looks the same, and usually arrives on the page at about 65-75% from the top. The comments PHP script often looks like this:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

All we need to do is highlight that piece of code and then click cut to clipboard by right clicking on the code or hitting control + X on the keyboard. Now hit the “Update File” button at the bottom and go to the website, on a page and refresh. Comments gone? Great!

If they did not disappear or the site is messed up, go back and put the code form the clipboard back in by pasting it in the EXACT same spot as it was before. Repeat the process till you find and remove comments from page.

Enjoy “Remove Comments from Page WordPress”?

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