Landing Page- What is it? How is it helpful?

A landing page, in the simplest terms, is the page visitors to your site “land” on first.  Potential clients will arrive at this page via an ad or offer, and therefore, this page will point them in the direction you want them to go, such as to your general site.

A landing page will offer a chance to sign up for your service, or even offer a free trial.

It is noteworthy as the first impressions of the website, and as we know, the first impression is the most important.  So how can you get the most out of your landing page?

Simple and User Friendly

As you can see by these common landing pages, they are simple.  They are user-friendly and informative while not being cluttered.   Your landing page should state what the user needs to know to make their decision.  It is a call to action!

This could include brief testimonials, info graphics, and even a form for new user to sign up, and current users to sign in

Eye-Catching and Minimal

How do you keep your visitors from leaving your landing page?  Catch their eye.  Your graphics should catch their attention and keep their needs in mind.  Some sites include interactive elements to demonstrate their potential. 

The site on the right uses an interactive scale to encourage the user to receive a quote.  Furthermore, the following image shows a site that draws visitors in with a fun survey.

The Fold

“The Fold” is a term used to describe the difference between top of a page, and the bottom where the visitor would have to scroll to.  Where the importance of “The Fold” is debated in the web design community, yet it can be used to show where the important info on your landing page should go.  

The graphics and info “above the fold” should draw the user in. As a result, they scroll down and read the bulk of the information that is “below the fold”.

Landing pages are not created equal.  Hence, is unique and requires attention to a different element.  However, having a well-constructed page will direct traffic to your site and increase the interest of your visitors dramatically.  First impressions are everything!   Make sure YOUR website has a simplistic and eye-catching landing page!

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