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Social SEO: Does social media influence search engine optimization?

That’s a popular question, and many experts would say it doesn’t. Everyone from Matt Cutts at Google, too other top industry leaders claim social media does not influence SEO. They claim Google doesn’t look at those sites to give extra juice to a website based on the activity there. Social SEO secret sauce to ranking

It may be true there isn’t one specific line item for social media in Google Web Master tools, but it does play it’s part. The traffic that comes from a social media profile, as well as the hyperlink back to the site, areboth ranking factors, in my opinion.

Increased traffic and visitors and time on a website, are all great things for your SEO. Having a well-written in-depth profile that shows activity and topicalness, with a backlink to your website, is of course a good thing.

Social SEO: How could it be social is not good for SEO?

Well the pundits want to be clear that Facebook and Twittter not considered ranking factors for search. And that’s true, social media will by itself will not get a website to the top of the search rankings. Even though it’s well-documented not as a factor, there is such a thing as the social heat map.

Social heat map is the overall activity level given off by a profile. High heat levels indicate High activity of social interaction, and value proposition. This indicator can influence search, although many would deny that it does.

It is, however a major key factor in a strategic play. That play factors many different techniques to get into the top of search. A good social play of Social SEO can drive a lot of traffic and sales. Traffic and sales is always the game on the web. Winning search with social is one of the secret magical golden tickets, if done right.

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