Off-Season: How to Market Your Seasonal Business

Every year you face the same dilemma: Now that it is off-season, how do I keep my seasonal business flourishing? You are not alone. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to keep busy during those months when it’s tough to stay afloat. Let’s check them out:

Develop Interest During Peak Season

While your busy and customers are still abundant, keep track of the strong clients who have expressed interest in your company. Converting interest in new leads will make your off-season into a time to chase those leads. Take this time to make sure your website is full of customer reviews and calls-to-action a well as emphasis on your unique-selling-point. Which leads us to another great booster…

Customer Reviews

During peak season, satisfied customers should be happy to review your business. Their testimonials will help potential new customers to choose you over your competitors, especially during any off-season shopping they’re doing! Putting these testimonials to use in a newsletter or Facebook updates will prompt new and existing customers to think of you when peak season arrives again.

Stay Social

Keep your Facebook up-to-date! Posting offers and specials on services you can still offer during off-season helps build awareness client interest.  If your seasonal customers have left town, your local customers can still benefit from a good deal!

Is there a hot news topic in community? A new model of merchandise? Hiring next season? Keep your followers updated!  It may be a quiet time of year at the shop, but that doesn’t mean your clients need to forget you exist.

Blog It Up

Keep your business blog active with posts that promote off-season info.

Let’s say you rent ski equipment. What could you post in the summertime?

    • “Keep in Shape for Skiing in the Summer Months”
    • “5 Ways to Prep for Ski Season Now”
    • “Year-Round Resorts You Need to Visit this Summer”

Posts like this will connect your off-season and peak seasons while bringing new clients who enjoyed your content!

Pick Up the Phone

Generate business from those leads you didn’t have time for last season! They too can benefit from your off-season offers and are sure to come to you when peak season returns. Maybe your current customers could use a call as well. Developing a relationship with your best clients is what keeps them coming to you. By using a more conversational approach, you will be able to keep yourself productive with clients during the quiet months.

The Off-Season slump doesn’t have to be the death of your business. You can keep customers interest by using this time to boost your presence online and relationship with customers!

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