Mobile-Friendly Sites: Why and How?

Can’t attract mobile-users to your website?

When in the process of building a site, clients first concern is rarely whether or not the site is mobile-friendly.  Design, colors, content, etc, all come first.  Why should this feature be as important as your site’s design itself?

In addition to checking out your website on a phone, you can analyze the mobile-friendliness of a site using comprehensive online tests. Google has one that is quick and offers an image of what your site looks like on a mobile device. You can find this tool here!

Why is it important to have a site that is easy to access on a phone? Simply because consumers use their phones to do research and to shop as much as, if not more than they use laptops. If a site functions poorly on a mobile device, the odds of customers staying on the site and contacting you is lower, and the work you put into the look of the site is wasted.

Obtaining a good mobile-friendly score is about the format you use.  Custom-coded sites are more difficult to make mobile, so nowadays, web developers will use plugins and applications to speed up the process. WPtouch, for example, is a WordPress plugin that adjusts your site without changes the code. It is good, in the meantime, to get into the habit of building with mobile responsiveness in mind. Using a company aware of responsive design and screen size will dramatically improve the quality of your site.

Mobile-Friendliness is rapidly becoming one of the most important elements of a website. The more your customers continue to use their phones for business, the happier they will be to use your mobile responsive platform!


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