5 Profiles New Businesses Must Build

All new businesses need to put together an online identity to represent them. It is imperative that work is done to complete these profiles accurately and extensively in the beginning to kick start the visibility of the business. There are of course some profiles that are going to be more important than other profiles, and hence we’ve gathered this list of the top five profiles to create for new business. These crucial business profiles are as follows:


Google My Business

Google My Business is of course by Google and is what is  responsible for making the search results on the map listings when someone searches on Google (as well as other info like reviews, hours and more). This becomes the main part of the search experience on mobile devices, which are 60% of the search market currently. Mobile device search use only will to go up in usage, so it’s very important to have your Google profile filled out properly.


Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business is by Bing a Microsoft product and being on the majority of shipped computers, it is also a very important player in the webspace for your new business. You can fill out your Bing Places for Business property here and make sure to fill out the description the hours as well as the phone number and correct address.


LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are essential to your new business success because it is a business platform specifically and offers many direct and indirect ways to build your network and outreach. Hiring employees or looking for strategic partnerships is a great way to use the new profile. Make sure that you have a personal LinkedIn profile and link to it from the company page if you wish, as well as all the other members of your team. Create your new LinkedIn Company Page here


Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are super important these days as everyone knows. All businesses need a place on Facebook to be “like’d” and share content with followers. A Facebook business page opens up the advertising options on the platform both the ad creation panel and the boost post function. Highly recommend setting up your new business FB page and learning how to post regularly and interact with visitors.


Alignable: The Small Business Network

Finally is Alignable an up-and-coming network that is very popular these days. It allows very interactive connections between businesses, because it is only for business exclusively. It helps you connect with local businesses that you may never have had access to before. I highly recommend filling out your new Alignable profile and reaching out to other businesses in your local area. This is a gold rush currently and will soon become saturated so take advantage of it while you can.

So that’s it, that’s the top five places to go fill out right away when creating a new business. Keep this list handy for when you are creating a new business or organization. Let me  know in the comments any other profiles you think that are crucial to fill out in the very beginning of a business.

Written by: Jophiel Silvestrone

Jophiel Silvestrone has written 257 posts in the Tech Blog.

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