Web design podcasts are a great place to learn resources as a web developer. One of my favorite shows, and one that I’ve listen to almost every single episode, his shop talk show. Chocolate show features Chris choir and Dave Rupert two of the top web developers in the web development industry.

They share some of their insight and knowledge, on what they do to create such beautiful works of  art, in this case websites. On most episodes, they have a guest from the industry who explains their expertise and way of doing things. I’ve learned so much knowledge about development through  this web design podcast, and highly recommend it to anyone learning web design. Obviously much of the content will be over-the-head of any beginning web developer, but that’s ok, just soak up the nerdy goodness and overtime it will become easy to decipher the meaning of the dialogue.

Even just the way the website itself shoptalkshow.com is designed is impressive. It’s extremely clean,  and I think all podcasts should follow the similar format. The shows are the first thing that you see when you land on the homepage. And I clicking into the show you get a download file in a play file and who is on the show. It’s very simple and straightforward.

Attached at the bottom of this article, I have put a zip file of several of shoptalk show web design podcast episodes for you to download and unzip. This can be put onto your USB and put into your car, or played in the background while you do your web development.

I find it very inspirational and helps me to get a lot done while also learning. Check out Shop Talk Show (shoptalkshow.com) today!

Jophiel Silvestrone

Written by: Jophiel Silvestrone

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