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Create a Copyright SymbolEver needed to create a copyright symbol for a web project and been tempted to use an image? The problem with images is that they can often be distorted when the page is displayed on really large or really small displays. To avoid this, we can use HTML code to create a copyright symbol. The code is rather straight forward:


Just copy and paste that into an HTML editor or document and save. Typically the copyright symbol is used in the footer of Create a Copyright Symbol Applea web page with the year(s) the material inside is copyrighted for. If you are using WordPress, then what you would want to edit is footer.php — this can be found under “Appearance” on the menu and by clicking the last item on the list “Editor”.

Find footer.php in the list and create a copyright symbol and the corresponding years of site ownership and hit the update button. Go to the site and refresh the page to verify the changes. Adjustments may be necessary. Adding CSS can make the footer more attractive and custom.

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