SkyPoint Studios is proud to announce that we will now be excepting cryptocurrency for payment. Starting with the top three, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lightcoin will all be excepted for SkyPoint’s web design and online marketing services. This is a big announcement for the web design industry in Billings, Montana as SkyPoint is the first firm to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for payments.

Announcements by Wall Street indicating that Bitcoin will now be available for purchase in retirement funds and secured by the FCC, has emboldened SkyPoint to blaze this new trail in payment processing. Customers choosing to pay their bill in cryptocurrency will receive a 10% discount in the beginning three months of operation (Promotion ends 02/01/18).

This promotion will serve as an incentive to use this new form of payment , which is quick and easy to use and of course digital! We’re all very excited here at Skypoint to check out the parameters and options and forge a new frontier into the world of cryptocurrency. We invite our customers and potential customers to join us on this journey of financial discovery in this new realm of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lightcoin.

Contact Jophiel Silvestrone at 406-208-8733 to learn more about how your business can participate in accepting cryptocurrency for payments or to purchase services from Skypoint using your cryptocurrency wallet and the accompanying discount.

We are very excited about the times we’re living in and welcome you, the reader, to join us in this excitement! Bitcoin is trading at almost $10,000 per coin, holy cow! Who would’ve thunk it would’ve been there, it’s a very exciting time and we are excited to announce our acceptance of the cryptocurrency for our services.

Jophiel Silvestrone

Written by: Jophiel Silvestrone

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Jophiel grew up on a ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana near Chico Hot Springs. Working on the ranch instilled work ethic and self motivation. Filled with this drive, Jophiel started mowing the local school's yards twice a month throughout the summers, at the age of 12. He moved to Billings in 2004, where he has been deeply involved in the local business community ever since. A serial entrepreneur, Jophiel has ran multiple businesses in our local community. He now runs a web development company SkyPoint Studios. One of his favorite jobs though, is fathering his 11-year old son Jaoquin. "JJ" also loves technology.